January 23, 2021

Photo Competion Winners Announced

The winners of Greenham Tower’s photography competition for young people ‘Exposing the Environment’ have been announced.

You can see full details and the winning entries at the link below.

Isla Ladd (8), 1st place

The winners of Greenham Tower’s photography competition for young people ‘Exposing the Environment’ have been announced.

First Prize was awarded to 8 year old Isla Ladds. Rosie Beaumont (aged 11) won Second Prize and Elsie Genko (aged 10) Third Prize. Submissions from Hermione Cratchley, Sara Griffin and one other entrant were Highly Commended.

Of the winning entry, judge and professional photographer Lee Sainsbury said of Isla’s picture that, ‘the branch and shadow in the water lead your eye to the reflection of the trees and then down the waterline and into the distance. In photography this is known as leading lines. The sky is nicely exposed from the sunset and the cloud formation also follows the treeline. The image follows the rule of thirds with the main subject of the tree sitting in the dissecting crash point of the image. It’s a fantastic photograph!’ Isla’s proud mum said, ‘We’re a very adventurous family and before lockdown did lots of sunset hikes including some in the lake district where Isla found a love for photographing sunsets, so she’s had some practice, but this sunset was very special.’ Of the competition she added, ’it was awesome for the kids to have something fun to take part in with everything else on their calendars being cancelled.’

The competition was organised to complement the first exhibition of 2021 in Greenham Control Tower which has been mounted in conjunction with the Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust. The winning photographs will be displayed as part of the exhibition which is called ’On Your Common with BBOWT’. Sadly, no one can visit it just yet! However, a booklet of activities for younger visitors designed to help young people explore the environment of the common has been written by competition organiser Andy Kempe and is available to download here. Hard copies of the booklet are also available free of charge from the takeaway cafe at the tower. The booklet has been sent electronically to local schools who may freely distribute it to their families. Martin Harris, Headteacher of Cheam School said, ‘these have come at a brilliant time as many local children will take their slot of exercise on Greenham Common and once the Tower is open again, these will be very useful.’

Rosie Beaumont (11), 2nd Place
Elsie Genko (10), 3rd place