Military History Walks

Yesterday, volunteers from Greenham Control Tower provided the first of our regular Military History Walks. (Launch dates to follow soon, keep an eye on the website). Visitors enjoyed the opportunity to explore parts of Greenham Common that played a key role in the Cold War

Over a leisurely two and a half hours they took in the remains of the runway, the fire plane and the external views of the decontamination suite before pausing to hear the history of the iconic GAMA site where 96 cruise missiles were stored at the height of the Cold War.  Finally they viewed the location of Blue Gate and discussed the place of the women’s peace camp in the overall historical picture.

Visitors  from Reading, Winchester and Oxford, were joined by locals who were able to add to the event by sharing their own personal memories.  All in all, it was a great afternoon and they all had fun.

The photo is of the group at the ‘Changes’ sculpture next to the decontamination suite.  The piece symbolises the successful transition of Greenham Common, when it celebrated its 10th anniversary of reopening in 2010. The  sculpture, by the Icelandic artist Gudrun Nielsen comprises nine individually folded steel pieces representing the creation and dismantling of a fighter plane. Each piece is set on a concrete plinth, which includes recycled concrete and reinforcement taken from the runway after it was dug up to restore the common.

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