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To the Heavens

Running from April 16, 2022 - June 26, 2022

An exhibition of paintings and memorabilia.

About the Exhibit

Jane Oldfield

The artist, Jane Oldfield, wants us to consider the sky above. She paints flying creatures of the Common, including the feisty Dartford Warbler, and celebrates her uncle, a photo-reconnaissance Spitfire pilot in WW2. Learning to fly a glider, has also inspired her sky paintings and mobiles of flying people.

‘To the Heavens’ will encourage visitors to be more conscious of what is happening to our skies.

Useful Facts


Control Tower

Dates & Times

Wed/Thu/Fri 10.30am to 3.00pm Sat/Sun/10.00am to 4.00pm

Running from

April 16, 2022 - June 26, 2022