Equinox YOGA

On March 21, 1982, a “Spring Equinox Festival” was celebrated by 2,000 people who gathered for music, art and other festivities at the gates of the Greenham Common airbase. On the day following the festival, 34 women were arrested for forming a 24 hour blockade at seven gates to the base. The Newbury District Council voted on March 23 to enact court proceedings in an attempt to evict the occupants of the Peace Camp.

In 2019, we will hold our very own Equinox event by practising yoga then enjoying tea, cake and chat in the control tower of the old airbase.  Our building has been restored as a cafe and heritage centre where we can explore our past in every way we can imagine.

We are providing 2 classes, one advanced (similar to last time; Vinyasa ) and one standard ( Hatha style).  Please contact us if you have a preference which class you go in.  We wll try and offer your chosen level but can’t guarantee it.

Unfortunately we havent been able to secure an evening around the equinox time.

2.00pm – 4.00pm

Tickets – £12.00

(plus booking fee)


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Greenham Control Tower