D-Day Drama Workshop – The ballad of Alec and Eileen

When Eileen died it was left to her son John to sort out her possessions. In doing so he came across some items he’d never seen before: an RAF great coat and cap, a ring, a spanner, a locked diary and, perhaps most intriguingly, a photograph of his mother with a tall, good looking chap. Who was he and just what was going on in the picture? Perhaps the contents of the diary would reveal all. But the diary was locked. Would it be right to force it open and pry into what were, after all, his mother’s personal secrets?

This half-day drama workshop (AM or PM) is open to secondary aged pupils (yrs 7 – 10). Participants will explore what the great world event of D-Day may have meant to two young people thrown together, and all too quickly torn apart, by war. Participants will add flesh to the bones of Alec and Eileen’s tale through role-play, improvisation and scriptwriting.

The workshop will be led by Andy Kempe, Professor of Drama Education, University of Reading and Emma Garrett, Academy of Live and Recorded Arts.

Tickets – £15.00

Tickets – AM

Tickets – PM

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