Eight on the 8th

Of course VE Day was something to celebrate.  However, Ivy hasn’t heard from her husband since his ship was taken in Singapore.  He’s still out in the Far East somewhere.  Maybe.  Her eldest daughter, Hazel, has been nursing PoWs on the racecourse and has struck up a friendship with a young German there.  Younger daughter Lily is working on a narrow boat and waiting for her American fiancé to return. Brother Bert has done his bit with the home guard while family friend Harry has been making aircraft parts and is looking forward to the new world that will surely follow the war.  And then there’s Eileen.  May 8th will always have a special significance for her.

Eight on the 8th is an anthology of eight poems, each delivered by a character from the play Half-light which has been written especially to be performed in the control tower as part of the forthcoming exhibition ‘The Newbury Area in WW2’. You can listen to the monologues here. Please feel free to download the printed transcript (Download Transcript) and share the video. Perhaps you know someone who was around on VE Day who would enjoy hearing them.

Watch out for details of when Half-light will be performed, as it surely will once the tower has re-opened.








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