Commemorative Service

December 12th was one of those crisp, bright, cheery winter’s days – somewhere, sadly not at Greenham though.

Nonetheless, a commemorative service was held at the tower on this day to mark the 75th anniversary of the glider crash that killed two pilots and 30 soldiers on the common in 1944.

The memorial to these men, and the crews of two B-17 bombers that collided over the base just three days later, were moved to the control tower site in September.

A service has been held at noon on the 12th December for many years. Attendees at this year’s service though were grateful that the new location afforded them the chance to be inside and sheltered from the rainstorm that was sweeping the common. Both of the first floor exhibition rooms were full of members of the Royal British Legion and their guests. The USAF was strongly represented by a detachment from RAF Welford. Following the service at which the Last Post and the national anthems of the UK and USA were played, a number of visitors braved the tempest to lay wreaths at the memorial.

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