Another veteran returns to visit

John Blunden received his commission as 2nd Lt in the USAF after graduating from Ohio State University. In spring 1956, he became the base Petroleum Officer at RAF Greenham Common, where he remained until returning to the US in October 1957. POL ( petroleum,oil,lubricants) was responsible for receiving, storing and dispensing all the fuels for the base.

John loved his time at Greenham and has returned to the UK 31 times! In his time at the base you could ride along the A4 to Bayswater Road and be there in an hour

He says
‘I remember meeting periodically with a resident gentleman, named Reed from the Air Ministry. He had decided that I should learn to enjoy a cuppa and succeeded. Don’t recall if we got into the discussion of which comes first the milk or the tea.

In retrospect, the time at Greenham was important in my life. I certainly feel I grew up there and I learned to enjoy other cultures and customs.’

The images are of John on the base in 1957 and at the tower in October 2018.

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Greenham Control Tower