A Flying Start to the New Year

Twenty young people aged between 8 – 13 launched into a creative New Year by attending an art day at Greenham Control Tower this Wednesday (January 2nd).

The workshop was led by art teachers Rachel Kempe and James Turner of Iffley Academy in Oxford.

Following a fun and animated talk on the history of the common and a guided tour of the tower the children were shown  how to make mobiles that reflected either the common’s history as an airfield or its wildlife (or in some cases both!) They also had the opportunity to make puppet boxes in which the puppets magically appear to move on their own accord.

One happy mum reported that her son ‘really enjoyed all the different parts to the day, his mobile is now hanging up on his bedroom wall and he wants to complete the decoration on the underside of the planes now!  We all like the way his space man in a box moves invisibly and as both he and his friend spend a lot of time making stop motion animations I think they will have learnt a new technique to move characters around for their animations.’

Another commented that her daughter not only enjoyed the craft but ‘recounted to us the stories about some of the Commons history. She loved looking out across the common from the tower.  It’s great she had the opportunity to understand a little more about the local history of where she lives.’

The consensus was that this was a very well-run and friendly event and that there would be a lot of support for us running future events  like this.





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